March 22, 2023

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E. Macron focuses criticism: Jupiter falls from above

At left, Oliver Faure, First Secretary Socialist Party He said want “Emmanuel tried in vain to use every opportunity to reconcile with Macron”. Before proceeding: “Wages, unemployment insurance, pensions, high profits at work, taxes on high profits: the trend is clear. His outstretched hand cares not for us.

For her part, Mathilde Panot is the leader of the Lao delegation Rebellion FranceInitially attacked E. Macron Uber files. “President who insults people”, She snaps as a reaction to the fact that the latter is taking her action on this file. “I would definitely do it again” He once again responded to a journalist who questioned him. The rebel vice-chancellor also condemned Elysee Tenant’s choice to maintain the pension reform in 1965. “For him, elections are useless.”
Fabian Roussel, Deputy and National Secretary Commonwealth Party believes that for its part “The President prepares the French for new difficulties“About “Energy and Food Crisis”. “Above all we must restore our sovereignty and deal with speculation! Invest and invest to regain our freedom, protect the nation and the French”, He suggested.
A great achievement of E. Macron is capable “Without saying a word about the difficulties of recruiting for jobs, raising wages and improving poor working conditions”, Ironically Julian Bayou. Deputy and National SecretaryEELV He also cursed a president “Still rocked by the nuclear illusion of constant energy. It’s really expensive and unrelenting [réacteurs à l’arrêt notamment pour questions de sécurité] And profoundly irrelevant to climate change…”
On the right, there are no shortage of critics. Oliver Marlix, chairman of the board Republicans In the National Assembly, he condemned the views of E. As described by Macron “A Heat Stroke” Rejected Article 2 of the health program on the establishment of a health pass at the borders. “No, the vote of Emmanuel Macron’s national representation is never a “nocturnal heat stroke”. It is the voice of the French in their diversity. Learn to listen to it, learn this “respect for all” that you call. This is the condition for France’s victory.
“He continues to be stubborn against the French with pension reform and austerity. […]. He’s an above-ground president who doesn’t understand anything,”
Moselle lamented Laurent Jacobelli’s RN aide on BFMTV. In a video, the Vice and the President Stand up France Nicolas Dupont Aignan, meanwhile, was a “Absolutely Surreal Interview” and e. Macron described in passing “Speakable and out of date”.