March 30, 2023

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Education: What is Mensa, this gifted organization?

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Teddy Hobbs learned to read at the age of two.

It has more than 140,000 members worldwide and is joined by Teddy Hobbs, a 3-year-old British boy who taught himself to read at the age of 2.

Age is not an issue to join Mensa. No nationality, politics, religion, socio-economic status, race or profession. However, there is one requirement that most humans cannot achieve: being in the 98th percentile on an intelligence test.

Mensa is, according to its founders, the largest international organization of talented individuals created to create a stimulating social and intellectual environment for its members.

The Society was founded in the United Kingdom in 1946 by lawyer Roland Berrill and scientist and lawyer Lance Ware. The two met on a train and the intellectual connection was immediate.

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