March 30, 2023

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Egypt bans its administration from vaccinating officials

Since Monday, Egypt has banned government employees and students who have not been vaccinated against Govt-19 from accessing public buildings and universities without PCR testing, which will be extended to users of the administration until December 1.

Henceforth, officials will have to be vaccinated or present a negative PCR test – which could block its cost – “to access their workplace every three days,” the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology said in a statement following the government’s decision. Applies to all administrations.

The same goes for student access to universities, according to the government newspaper Al-Ahram.

In early October, the vaccination rate was still 7%, with Egypt significantly accelerating its campaign, especially by issuing ID cards to mobile units and vaccine stands on the metro.

Today, about 40 of the more than 102 million Egyptians have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to caretaker health minister Khalid Abdel Kafr. However, only 14 million of them received the second dose because the country is facing a fourth epidemic.

Wearing a mask is highly underestimated, especially in Cairo’s cities of more than 20 million people, where population density and prostitution rule, especially in its crowded administrations every day of the week.

In total, Egypt officially recorded 393,961 corona virus infections, including 19,499 deaths.

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