May 30, 2023

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Egypt maintains lead in orange exports –

Despite the decline in productionEgypt is the world’s largest exporter of oranges.

Despite rising climate challenges and rising raw material prices, Egypt’s export strategy has helped it maintain its position as the world’s leading orange exporter.

As the Egyptian orange season approaches, manufacturers are looking back at a much tougher campaign, according to an expert at Capitol Agro for Import & Export: ” Due to rising costs and the war in Ukraine, demand in some markets has fallen, while prices for the final product have risen.“, He said Fruitnet.

Orange is the main citrus crop EgyptCitrus is about 80% of the total area under cultivation, with the main markets being Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and India.

According to Kasi, Egypt will retain its top spot in orange exports by 2022, despite a drop in production from 1.67 million tonnes to 1.45 million tonnes in 2021. ” Production fell by 16% due to extreme weather and temperature fluctuations during flowering, which affected fruits and production.“, He announced.” This led to a decline in exports.

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