May 29, 2023

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El Grub appealed against the verdict, which was ineligible for two years

M’Jid El Guerrab during a meeting of the French National Assembly. AFP / Martin OFFICE

Reacts to the judgment of the Paris Criminal Court “I argue” Boris Farey, executive director of the French Socialist Party, a former deputy who left the party in 2017 to oppose M’Jid El GuerrabTh The French block abroad, based in Morocco, was informed by law firm Vey et Associés, which defends its decision to appeal this decision in the first instance.

“Contrary to all expectations and as an additional sentence, the court sentenced Mr. El Grob to two years’ unworthy imprisonment. However, the verdict excludes the suspension of this additional sentence. The report, sent to Desk.

Pour the rappell, Emjit El Grob, Sentenced last Thursday Three years in prison, one of which is closed “Attack” Against Boris Pharaoh. His indictment also includes a two-year prison sentence for disqualification cited in his defense statement.

“Upon reading the judgment, the judges did not justify this unworthy sentence and noted that Mr. El Ghoub was an accomplice during this argument and satisfied themselves without mentioning any connection between the facts and the nature of the additional sentence. Adds the same source.

In parallel to this practice, El Grob has filed a complaint against Faroe, which is currently under investigation.

A judicial inquiry was launched at the end of 2021 and a trial judge was appointed, which the law firm underlines, thus promoting M’Jid El Guerrab’s decision to appeal the verdict, under these conditions.

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