March 30, 2023

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Emmanuel Macron for young Africans: “AFD will change its name”

Our Special Correspondent in Montpellier, Thea El Hudge Ibrahima.

The woman, who is over 80 years old, will change on the recommendation of an African activist who was immediately recognized on October 8 during the French Development Agency (AFD) Africa-France summit. Faced with 11 horrific young Africans, Emmanuel Macron can apologize to Africa for the third time in CFA franc, C termte d’Ivoire, regime change in Mali, Chad change or colonial reality. . The president was in cash. Picture.

The Montpellier meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and the voices of African youth began in earnest on October 8. From the outset, an observation: the Africa-France summit has completely changed its form and meaning in this 28th edition. No more protocol. Not even much is said.
The discussion between President Macron and 11 young people with a well-established anti-reputation in their respective countries was direct, honest and cash-strapped. These young men, elected to discuss with President Macron, pushed the French president to make direct and final decisions on some key issues.

In four hours, these 11 young men from Senegal, Madagascar, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Kenya, C டிte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Chad and Congo gave La Emmanuel Macron the eyes of the best days. The architect of this new Africa-France summit, Achilles Mbembe, produced a report with honest and objective proposals to diagnose the medical status of the two partners’ relations and to rediscover the new Africa-France joint venture. Relationship

With a Cameronian, dry and rather English-speaking accent, Macron thanked him on behalf of all and recalled that participants came to this forum honestly and sincerely “What are these relationships, what are they, what do we want them to become”

The post-colonial theorist camped out the debate in a few words: “The Africa-France relationship is broken, it must change. We have no choice, the links are loose. You asked us to think about this relationship in 2030, to imagine our desirable future, but it was not easy. Creating a vision freely and setting a guideline for it.2030 is far away, everything should start today.Our future needs to be structured in an honest dialogue to provide an opportunity for our future community.

In turn, young Africans turned to questions such as slavery, colonialism, France’s military presence in Africa, France’s invisible hand in maintaining the heads of some African countries in power, or the invisible hand to overthrow some. The heads of state left with the Kuwait D’Arse.

After the meeting of the CFA Frank and Abidjan, the involvement and involvement of civil society in projects as a result of French public development assistance The French President’s young speakers reviewed all points of friction of a complex relationship connecting their countries with the former colonialism. Demands go as far as changing the name of the French Development Agency (AFD) because young people see this agency as the primary source of French cooperation and a stumbling block to African economic growth.

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The youth supported the idea of ​​creating a democratic fund that would support African civil society and youth in moving away from politics and promoting the values ​​of democracy.

Activists insist that we must think certainly about the future of the Africa-France relationship, but above all, it is necessary to heal the wounds of colonialism. During the debate, one of the youth delegates will demand that the French president apologize to the African people for the wrongdoings of the French colony. Young activists agree, “Africa no longer needs help to grow but to better manage its resources and negotiate partnerships with foreign investors”.

Don’t call me developmental help anymore!

In response to a series of questions asked, President Macron was blunt. With regard to development assistance, he has never supported the idea of ​​assistance, but rather solidarity investment, the impact of which will be more visible and inclusive.

In response to a question about the name change of the French Development Agency (AFD), the President awarded the contract for a new name. “We have already started to change a lot of things but as I said in Ovaka a few years ago the system has not changed yet. Today, half of the projects funded by the AFD go through civil society and we want to go further in this direction,” Macron warns. Don’t think that “there are many countries whose leaders are democratically elected and we will continue to provide our funds”.

Regarding colonialism, the French president recalled, “We are all children of a story, a painful story that surrounds us with a lot of weight on our shoulders. It is an unchanging story. When I say we will not change it, it is not true that we will forget the past. Needs to be considered. ”

Regarding the apparent apology on behalf of France, Emmanuel Macron believes this should not be done because it is so easy. “Forgive me is the way I want to give up. I do not believe in the policy of amnesty between France and Africa. I believe in the principle of recognition. I will integrate it into my election campaign and accept it as President today. Yes to the speech of recognition, because today is tomorrow Once identified I name everything that goes with it.I name what historians have documented.I take my part to discuss what is actually established.

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Emblem Macbeth’s statement in the Axis has definite and definite plans, so Emmanuel Macron continues, “French historians and young Africans, I am ready to discover the truth with you and create a new page in our history. You know that there are many people and forces who deal with our history today.

And the French president should provoke Russia and other fellow citizens without naming them. “There are many forces that have been colonizing towards Africa that will not stop attacking our relations.” Among the French and Africans it would be necessary to write real history with recognition of the colonial past and to send and teach our children nothing but the truth.

On France’s position on constitutional change in C டிte d’Ivoire, Macron signed and firmly believes he did not support the idea for the third time, recalling his famous tweet ten minutes after Ovtara’s speech. For the third time, he spoke of what the ATO did was historic. “The candidate he chose died during the campaign. You know, I did everything I could to make sure it was public and another candidate was nominated. I was not in charge of the party that selected the candidate, so he did not abide by his commitment, but France was clear in his request to the ADO for the honor of democracy. This Ivory During the interrogation, Macron used the expression “exceptional circumstance,” which he reiterated shortly after, provoking the Chad case (see below).

In Mali, Emmanuel Macron continues, where a military coup has taken place. “A military coup, because there was a president elected by the people, every time it is formally condemned in principle. We supported the position of ECOWAS.

Regarding France’s military presence in Mali, Macron believes he did not maintain a military base without the request of a sovereign state. “We have sent our children to areas far away from their families to protect and preserve. We have intervened to prevent these states from falling into the hands of jihadists, and I tell you the truth, if it were not for the French army, Mali would be ruled by jihadists today, and that is the truth. On request.

Regarding the series of conspiracies in Africa, President Macron is firm and will always support the position of African companies. France is ready to support African organizations in all democratic alternative processes.

Achille Mbembé heads the Democratic Fund

The Africa-France summit will soon be subject to the establishment of a democratic financial fund backed by France, but everything will be in order. The new organization will be funded by France but will not be a fund in the French diplomatic service. Because, in the second fund, if this fund is in the service of French diplomacy, the leaders will want to run it and use it as needed, or with this fund, they will say that you are financing their opponents. The management of this fund should in a way be independent and managed by a scientific and democratic committee consisting of African and French experts. To give more responsibility to Axis Empowe and his youth group, Macron wants to hand them over to this fund, but with other profiles.

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The New Africa-France Summit is an opportunity to tear down the walls that divide these new African and French generations and to build bridges on good foundations to re-establish the cooperation and friendly relations between France and Africa today. One of the priorities of the French president is that young people are more involved in decision-making to write about their future. Who relied on immigrants to bring Africans and immigrants from Africa closer together, involving them and giving them strategic positions at the level of French public institutions and French embassies in Africa. These are the priorities of President Macron, who wants to open a new page. Creating an African cultural center in France that will bear all the historical identities of the African people.

CFA Franc: Forex reserves have changed

Compared to the CFA Franc, the new cash agreements announced between Abidjan in December 2019 between France and UEMOA have been implemented. Foreign exchange reserves were transferred to the countries concerned. “But Macron agrees that, fearing monetary instability in the region, African countries are asking us to keep guarantee instruments. Tomorrow, if African leaders or monetary officials tell us to go further, I will tell you immediately. Until there is no demand from them, we will see them drop it. It will be very difficult for us to do that because of the risk. We must succeed in supporting and building a regional currency, especially prior to this Regional Economic Integration Program (ZLECA). ”

And Emmanuel Macron to continue on his path. “I look forward to the end of any project that will allow us to rediscover and revitalize our historical, economic and social ties together.” Insurance that is a strong, unchangeable guarantee.