May 29, 2023

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Erdogan proposes to form a working group led by Turkey

AA / Istanbul

Turkey proposes creation of a working group in Afghanistan within the G20.

This is evident from a statement issued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a video conference at the G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

“I advise you to form a working group in Afghanistan within the G20, in which Turkey wants to take over as its president,” the Turkish president said, reiterating his country’s support for Afghanistan.

He warned against the instability in Afghanistan and the displacement consequences of terrorist acts.

Thus, Erdogan recalled that Turkey, which already has about 5 million asylum seekers, including 3.6 million Syrians, could not bear the new burden.

“Turkey will inevitably affect the European countries by the migration pressure on its southern and eastern borders,” he said.

Erdogan pointed out that the Taliban government in Afghanistan has not yet been able to deliver the desired results.

In this context, he called for the opening of dialogue channels to look at a government that would further include the Taliban.

“Ensuring security and stability in Afghanistan is important regionally and internationally,” he said. The international community cannot abandon the people of Afghanistan and turn them back.

As the humanitarian crisis worsens, the president called for solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

“The Turkish Red Crescent (Kizilay) has provided 33 tons of food aid,” he concluded. “We are currently working on an additional humanitarian assistance program.”

* Translated by Noor Asena Erdark from Turkish

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