March 26, 2023

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Ericsson financier Daech to continue the traveler in Iraq

AA / Paris / Fatih KARAKAYA
The target of telecommunications Ericsson is the financial terrorist organization Daech pours the continuing traveler in Iraq, Rowley a public publisher, Dimanche, at the Consortium international des dines Investigation (ICIJ).
Daprès l’enquéte mene par une trentaine de média interns internsaux members de l’ICIJ, é le gant gant des télécommunications sudois, aurait versa millions dollars suspected à travers des caisses noires, des voyages offerts à l’tranger, -de-vin, not for the sake of possessing all activism in Iraq, in the presence of Daech.
According to the report, Ericsson has about 25 million dollars in revenue annuities and employs more than 100,000 people in 140 pays. For the first time during the march, you’ll have your own Ericsson aura to share with the organization Daech at the very end of this song ‘Contract in a Nordic Line’.
Les media quotes on this site, the app on a reporting internet site. Ainci, lwenquete rvvile que cest sutout après l’invasion amricaine de 2003 l’Irak devient a des rares marchs telephony mobile quiz vierge, donc à fort potentiel. In this case, the venture d’Ericsson in Iraq presently presents $ 1.9 million in 2011 and 2018, explicitly encroaching on the report.
Ericsson, in linstar d’autres enterprises, pays des organizations terrorists to empower attacre contes sesquipments and permute aux employ de faire lure travel, affirm-t-on.

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