May 29, 2023

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EU calls for new pesticide impact assessment


The 27 member states of the European Union want a new study by the European Commission on the impact of pesticides and especially on food sovereignty in the context of the war in Ukraine. Tribune In one of its latest releases on its website. It also recalls that Europe has announced a 50% reduction in pesticide use by 2023. The commission says it is open to hearing suggestions and does not want to delay regulation. For their part, we hear associations condemning the “sneaky ploy” to delay the reduction of pesticides. “These 27 gave the European Commission 6 months to complete this study. A scenario that raises questions when there are only 6 years left to change the curve of pesticide use. In France, the amount of pesticides used in 2021 was the same as in 2008, with two consecutive Ecophyto plans aimed at reducing their use. Despite the I and Ecophyto 2 projects,” he pointed out.

While the war in Ukraine could lead to supply problems in 2022, the same source says member states are worried about declining yields.

It should be recalled that the European Commission had drawn up a roadmap by the end of June 2022, presenting various stages to achieve the objective of reducing pesticides by 50%. In a statement, Copa Cogeca, the federation representing farmers’ interests at European level, believes that “in light of the current circumstances, it is important that agricultural yields remain stable in order to produce sufficiently high-quality and affordable products.”

The decision, taken by the various agriculture ministers of the EU countries, was announced by the Czech Presidency on Monday evening, after the historic signing of COP15 to reduce the risk of pesticides. 50% by 2030.

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For its part, the Commission announced that it will carefully consider States’ requests to add data and analysis, and is currently preparing a specific analysis on food security factors and its consequences in light of the war in Ukraine.

Similarly, the Commission has released a report on key factors including food safety and use of pesticides to the public very soon. The European Commission also points to a plan by the European Food Safety Authority for Food (Efsa) until 2023, when the European Commission approves glyphosate for 2023 and studies its impact on the environment and humans. , was not carried out.