March 30, 2023

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Europe needs to make its position clear (Abdelmalek Alaoui)

In a column published in the French newspaper “Le Monde”, Abdelmalek Alaoui notes that Europe should clarify its position on the Sahara issue in order to increase North-South relations.

l’Europe He should clarify his position on the issue Sahara President underlines to revive North-South relations Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS), Abdelmalek Alaoui, in an article published in the French newspaper “Le Monde”. Mr. Alaoui noted. would allow such an alliance to be formed”.

Regional fragmentation is the first cause of stimulation Military conflicts In the world, it is basically exploited by competing forces. 2014, Europe has been watching this with anguish since the date of the declaration seceded republics. However, while Europe and France displayed unfailing resolve whenever separatism appeared on their continent, this resolve was “sacrificed on the altar. Geo-economic interests On the other hand The Mediterranean Sea», observes the head of IMIS.

Morocco is consolidating its position as a new regional power and stabilizer in the region

“The problem Sahara Marroquincapital for the defense of Europe and France is unfortunately subject to this double standard,” he notes. Low-intensity conflict between Morocco And thisAlgeria – which harbored and weaponized Polisario’s separatist front – since the mid-1970s, the author notes, the Sahara dispute “the fruit of a double legacy, the Cold War and a decolonization of the sub-region”. To the question, Mr. Alaoui confirms The Moroccanness of the Sahara, At the legal level, there is no debate, “”Bea(faith), the kingdom’s sovereignty over the Sahara was attested from ancient times through historical and customary recruitment. Sahrawis By thenMoroccan Army And by the wayThe Tahirs», these acts were enacted by the Sultan in exercise of his authority. Although it is within its rights and has made great efforts to develop the region, Morocco has expressed its desire to definitively close the file by submitting in 2007. United Nations A broad proposition Autonomy, he notes, “This type of self-determination has been recognized by several UN resolutions as a ‘serious and credible basis’ for a solution to the Sahara issue.” As the oldest nation in the north of West Africa, Mr. The Alaoui Kingdom is “today paying the double punishment of the colonial era and the Cold War, at once consolidating its position as a new regional power. and stabilizer of the region”. And to emphasize that “The America This is well understood by the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara in 2020, thus representing a paradigm shift in the approach to this conflict by the world’s leading power”.

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The sources of instability maintained by Polisario’s separatist movement are dangerous for the region

Another important aspect of this question is nature safe, maintains the author, in relation to the “polisario” activities in the Sahel, which “directly threaten Morocco and the region”. Has Europe ever seen sympathy for the terrorist acts of the IRA or ETA? He wonders and believes “that’s it” because “the sources of instability maintained by Polisario’s separatist movement, sometimes with the hidden support of Iran or Hezbollah, pose a lasting danger to the region”. For a Europe that claims to be connected Stability of Africa, even implicitly recognizing the existence of an armed guerrilla group aimed at creating a proto-state that would not be possible under any possible configuration, reveals a “fundamental contradiction,” says the head of IMIS. In the case SaharaSo it will be a question again, he warns that we are not on the wrong side of history, noting that on the Moroccan side, there is something specific.European memory hemiplegia“. In fact, he continues, Morocco can ask Europe and France to reactivate the other half of its memory, while ambitiously projecting the future of the sub-region. Because, says Mr. Alaoui, Algeria is strong in its underground wealth, at a time when the world is under unprecedented energy pressure. , or regional Naval patrol near seas.

Although Football not spared, and Moroccan team Couldn’t participate in recent matches African Nations Football Championship (CHAN) conducted in Algeria, due to lack of overflight authorization, he continues. “In this complex framework, Morocco can be a solid partner for Europe to renew and revitalize North-South relations on a reasonable basis. By clarifying its position on this question of the Sahara, the Old Continent will allow such an alliance,” he concludes.

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