May 30, 2023

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European Parliament refuses to debate police violence in France

MEPs rejected Wednesday’s vote on the agenda of a resolution tabled by the three representatives of the French left in the European Parliament (Socialist Party, Europe Ecologie les Verts, La France insoumise). Violent and numerous attacks on the right to protest in France.

The resolution likes to call “substantially”. […] France must respect the right to protest and the rule of law, considering that “disproportionate force” and “dangerous repressive practices” may have taken place in the context of maintaining order during protests against pension reforms.

The pension reform, adopted on March 20 without a referendum in the National Assembly thanks to the controversial Article 49.3 of the constitution, has sparked a mobilization marked by particularly hostile demonstrations across France for several weeks. The police have condemned.

This “police violence” is a “terrible scene” according to MEP Manon Aubry (La France insoumise) and “unacceptable practices within the European Union”.

“Uprisings of the Earth”, an organization that French Interior Minister Gérald Dorman wants to disband, called for demonstrations against police violence in front of all the country’s provinces on Thursday evening. At least 60 meetings are planned across France.

The League for Human Rights (LDH) last Sunday condemned the “moderate and indiscriminate use of force” by the police on Saturday in Sainte-Soline, during a demonstration the previous day against the mega water basins project. .

The paradox of the European Parliament is that at the same time it decides issues outside its borders, especially the issue of Moroccan rights, Morocco tries, under the pressure of states that hinder its progress and the success of its diplomacy. Destroy the outer image of the kingdom.

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