May 30, 2023

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Ex-Environment Minister sentenced to 3 years in jail

Tunisia’s former environment minister, Mustafa Arrouei, was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday in connection with the illegal importation of Italian waste into Tunisia, local media reported.

As part of the trial, the Tunis court imposed the same prison sentence (3 years) against three defendants, 10 years against an executive from the Ministry of Environment and 15 years against the owner. An Italian waste importer, on an even larger scale, cites the same sources. A case involving waste imported from Italy from mid-2020, an Italian company illegally exported more than 280 containers of mixed municipal waste to Tunisia, under false pretenses, that the waste had been treated. Recycled, less likely to be recycled.

The case notably led to the dismissal of Aroui, who was arrested in December 2020 along with other executives from the Ministry of Environment and the Tunisian Waste Management Agency (ANGED).

The case, revealed by the Tunisian media, caused great controversy in Tunisia and mobilized local associations responsible for environmental issues.

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