March 30, 2023

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First repatriation of Ivorians from Tunisia

With our correspondent in Abidjan, Pineda Diagne

According to the Union of Ivorians in Tunisia, the situation for Ivorians is complicated. Many want to return. Most of them do not have residence permits and live in precarious conditions, defying obstacles on a daily basis.

« Getting a residence permit is difficult »

As Ange Séri Soka, head of the organization, noted, the situation has worsened in recent days: ” In Tunisia, as expats like us, it is difficult to get a residence permit. So the migrant worker has no rights in Tunisia because he is not recognized by the state. Suddenly, we face a system of abuse of power, because there are attacks on people who don’t have papers, you can’t go to the police station. We have 300 people who are currently homeless. I can say that Tunisia has become an open air prison for sub-Saharans. »

nest egg

Ivorian authorities have provided flights from national company Air Côte d’Ivoire to ensure the repatriation of its nationals who wish to return to the country voluntarily. An operation that will cost approximately one billion CFA francs, according to the government’s ministerial spokesman Amadou Coulibaly, who notes that once they arrive, these people will have a nest egg to return home to.

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