March 25, 2023

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Flunch Saintes » The next opening is pending


The first Flunch restaurant is waiting to open soon in Saintes, Charente Maritime… So welcome to Scientice and Saintice.

More than 50 years on, the cult of the French brand has changed. However, an ancient image stuck to his skin. With more than 250 restaurants across France, it is undoubtedly the market leader in self-service catering in France.

More recently, the sign promises to change its image. “A slightly dark plate, a dish eaten dully in antique decor, it’s over,” we promise.

Restaurant Flunch Saintes Charente

There are more than 250 restaurants in France, but currently there is not one in the town of Saintes in the Charente Maritime. It has been in France for more than 50 years, so it still does not deserve to be addressed to Saints and Saintes!

Saintais and Saintaises have to travel to another city to finally discover this catering brand that specializes in self-service in France.

Restaurant Flunch near Saints (69 km)

The closest catering point to Saintais and Saintaises is also the Saugon rest area on the A10 motorway.

The most motivated Saints and Saints have to travel 69 km before they can eat. If that doesn’t put you off, the exact address of this nearby restaurant is Autoroute 10 Aire De, 33920 Saugon, France.

Address 1: Highway 10 Aire d, 33920 Chacon, France

If you are tired of traveling 69 kms, join our petition for opening a flounce in Saints. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and your opinion will finally count!

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More info

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Not Halal?

Do you want to know if this restaurant brand is halal in France including Charente Maritime? For useful information, click on the link below:

Flunch is Halal

Finally, here are other brands expected to open in Saintes. Click on your preferred brand below For information on its upcoming opening:

Apart from the list of openings mentioned above, other openings are possible in your city. This list of openings in Saintes in Charente Maritime is not exhaustive.

Manu Flunch Saints

Are you Saints and Saints? So make your voice heard! 69 km to reach the nearest restoration point, think that’s too much?!

Finally, help the brand choose the address of its next fling restaurant in Saints. So mention your interest in opening this legendary catering brand in your city in the comments below the page.

So welcome to Scientice and Saintice. Finally, your opinion matters!