June 6, 2023

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Fnac Thouars » Pending Opening (Deux Sèvres)


Dwarsize and Dwarsize Awaiting the opening of the first Fnac store in Thouars in Deux Sèvres.

Fnac Tours store

As of now there is no Fnac point of sale in the entire city of Tours. You won’t find a shop in the outskirts of the city either. Even worse, no press release mentions the opening of a first store in this geographic area of ​​Deux Sèvres (postal code 79100).

However, the passion of Thouarsais and Thouarsaises is genuine for this distribution brand specializing in cultural and technical products. It is said to be a national leader in its field: distribution of cultural and technological products.

There is a huge range of offerings covering computers, photography, music, smartphones, in short all the products that are increasingly popular in our modern age.

The number of Fnac stores is significant in France, in fact there are almost 60 cities. However, there is no Fnac store in Towers, and it never has been.

Fnac near Tuars (33 km)

Tourchois and the nearest point of sale to Tourchois is also outside the Deux Sèvres department. The distance to travel to reach the Fnac store in Thouars is 33 kilometers. The latter is located in the town of Saumur in the department of Maine et Loire. It is at the address of Ecoparc industrial zone, 49400 Saumur, France.

Address 1: Ecopark Industrial Zone, 49400 Saumur, France.

If you are tired of having to travel at least 33 km to reach a point of sale, you can also participate in our petition to open a Fnac sales center in Tauvers (post code 79100). Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and your opinion will finally count!

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More info

Did you like this article? So below is now more information about the topics discussed in this article.

Will be opening soon in the city

This is happening in the city now when it comes to shopping. Thouarsais and Thouarsaises is delighted to welcome new international brands. Find other brands waiting to open in your city of Deux Sèvres New Aquitaine. Click on your preferred brand below:

Apart from the list of openings mentioned above, other openings are possible in your city. List of openings in Thouars, Deux Sèvres department, Nouvelle Aquitaine region Not complete.

Manu Fnac Tours

Are you double-size and double-size? Do you also think that the distance to travel to reach the nearest point of sale is too far from Dhauwar?

Finally help the brand choose the next store address. So, indicate your interest in opening this Fnac brand in your town of Thouars in the Deux Sèvres sector (postal code 79100) in the comments below the page.

So welcome Thouarsais and Thouarsaises who love technical and cultural products. Finally, your opinion matters!