March 22, 2023

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Food: What are the new risks of food corruption? | Conso News

In the spring of 2022, some products of Kinder-Ferrero, Buitoni and Lactalis became contaminated with bacteria harmful to health, causing serious concern among consumers.

“It is natural to be afraid to eat today because there has been a lot of corruption recently. Then, I would say that 50 years ago we died less than we ate. In 1950, food poisoning killed 15,000 people a year. Today, Public Health France lists 150 people.

“Then, new risks arise, which we call additives, the whole series of chemicals we find in food, especially when we buy processed foods. It could be bisphenol A, PCB, carbon dioxide, which whitens sweets,” adds Virginie Carein to Jor Jain’s microphone.

“Usually, it’s very low recognition (…) When you accumulate all these little traces, we do not know what it does. This is a cocktail effect and worries many doctors because the number of cancers is increasing today. So there are reasons why we better diagnose cancers, but there is still a question about our diet, ”says RTL’s agricultural and environmental expert.

“There are also endocrine disruptors that affect fertility, so these new risks need to be taken very seriously. In addition, there are many consumer associations and voluntary charities, such as Foodwatch, which are researching the matter and deciding to ban certain products,” says Virginie Karin.

“You should know that at least 10 products are remembered in France every day. There are at least 10 scandals like lactalis that the media can highlight (…), for example, we would never have talked about it if it were not for Putoni and Kinder before,” the journalist acknowledges.

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You should try to do it at home as much as possible. Then there are apps like Yuga that will let you know if there are a lot of combinations in the product. Then there is the nutrition score that now appears in the products. If a product is too sweet, too salty or too fat (…) I advise you to cook it at home as much as possible, ”concludes Virginia Karin.

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