March 30, 2023

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France-Algeria: General Sengriha in Paris to Salute French Arms Industry

France is already hosting Algerian army chief General Said Tsengiriha while awaiting Abdelmadjid Teboun’s announced state visit in 2023. Or, as gossip will undoubtedly say, his lieutenant is the de facto president of the eastern neighbor. On January 23, 2023, Mr. Sengiriha is in the French capital as part of a rapprochement between Algeria and France that has been working since the election of President Emmanuel Macron as president of the European Union. . Also, according to various media sources, in order to finalize new arms purchases, the military junta in power in the eastern neighboring country seems to want to buy off its “eternal enemy” for good, former Algerian labor minister L. Hachemi DjaĆ¢boub, in April 2021.

Therefore, the French arms industry seems to be aiming to monopolize part of the billions of dollars of investment that the Algerian military plans to make in the coming years, including 23 billion this year. On December 8, 2022. Beyond weapons, France seems to want to trust Algeria to implement its military policy in the Sahel, especially after the November 2020 change to the Algerian constitution expressly authorizes military intervention abroad: Mr. Let us recall in particular Macron’s call and the French President’s similar request on the same occasion. Morocco, without giving the Moroccan party, in the last message. The following.

Incidentally, the kingdom should undoubtedly follow the arrival of Mr. If Sengriha actually buys French arms, he can only target Morocco, because Algeria is the only country in the conflict in Algeria’s neighborhood. However, the signals sent by the French military-industrial complex with regard to Morocco do not lead to a possible political standoff with France, in which Mr. Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara El against a backdrop of apparent cooling due to Macron’s ambiguity

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