March 25, 2023

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France delivers two helicopters worth more than 4.2 million euros to Niger

France has donated two Gazelle SA 342 L1 type helicopters to Niger as part of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, a reception ceremony was held at Air Base 101 in Niamey on Wednesday presided over by the Nigerian Minister of National Defense, Alkazom Indatu. and in the presence of French Ambassador to Niger, Sylvain Itte.

On this occasion, Mr. Indatoo recalled. In March 2013 France had to supply Niger with three Gazelle helicopters equipped with 20 mm guns, and today we have the opportunity to receive two identical aircraft.«.

Niger’s Minister of National Defense was delighted ” This collaboration supports and supports our forces on the rise of power and on the operational side«.

He pointed out ” For over a decade, the Sahel-Sahara region has experienced insecurity characterized by acts of terrorism directed against security and defense forces and the population.“, adding that” These activities severely disrupt the economic activities of the region and the traditional livelihood activities of the people in the affected areas«.

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For his part, the French Ambassador to Niger said: These items, worth a mere 4.2 million euros or 2.8 billion CFA francs, are part of an equipment program verified by our forces. These are two additional Gazelle helicopters with 7 20 mm guns each with a capacity of 8,000 rounds and a batch of spare parts to guarantee the correct stability of the initial levels of maintenance components in operational condition.«.

« Also, the partnership that binds us on security extends beyond the Gazelle helicopter project.Mr. As Ite noted, he ” Niger supports the empowerment of the armed forces in several sectors, notably health, training of battalions of special intervention forces or information and communication systems.«.

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The French diplomat wanted to confirm that ” France is on Niger’s side by providing Niger with its own resources and supporting a plan for an unprecedented increase in the size of Niger’s armed forces. “Because it sets” The substance of the philosophy of our military cooperation programs«.

The acquisition of aircraft and other support equipment, either through own funds or through the exchange of partners, will greatly contribute to the operation of the new bases, thereby contributing to national security to be closer to the population and defense and security forces. To serve them well.

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