April 1, 2023

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Francophonie: Nasser Purita calls on OIF to promote peace and co-development

The head of Moroccan diplomacy pointed out that La Francophonie’s International Organization (OIF) must be a “political space for solutions and co-development” and continue to be loyal to its mission to promote peace.

“More often than not, terrorism, political crises, foreign interventions, economic impacts and climate change are mixed in an explosive mixture,” Nasser Borida declared in a speech read on his behalf by the Moroccan people living abroad during the 39th Ministerial Conference on African Cooperation and La Francophone. Yasur.

The Foreign Minister reaffirmed that the OIF must remain loyal to its mission of promoting peace, democracy and human rights. He pointed out that this “should be more today – the political arena of solutions and co-development”.

Today, many of the organisation’s key countries in the organization, such as Lebanon, Mali, Guinea, Haiti, Chad and Burkina Faso, are plagued by insecurity and instability, and are challenging the strategy for stability through democracy.

Nasser Purida recalled that Morocco had always played a leading role in peacekeeping operations, especially in these areas of the phonograph. Therefore, he said, Morocco, France and the UN would organize the 1st Ministerial Conference on Peacekeeping in the UN and the Francophone Environment as soon as the health situation permits.

The minister said that under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco had made no effort to contribute to regional and international stability and security. Since 2014, the Kingdom has dedicated its commitments to the AU, the UN Peace Coordinating Commission, or the country’s framework for stability in the Central African Republic. ”He explained.

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