May 29, 2023

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From Newton to Neil Armstrong: 7 Famous Quotes Not Said by Their Authors

photo credit, Good pictures

  • author, Edison Vega
  • stock, BBC News, Brazil

One day, while at work, this journalist followed a session at the former Academia Paulista de Letras in Largo do Arruchy, in the center of São Paulo.

It was early March and a gathering of scholars on International Women’s Day led to stories featuring women writers.

At one point, Ligia Facundus Telles (1918-2022) spoke up and gave an emotional speech. His intervention was against the “Internet”. Not by any singularity, but many in the network attribute the creation of “beautiful phrases” to his best friend Clarice Lispector (1920-1977).

And Clarice is not one to write ‘corny’ sentences,” said Ms. Telles, who praised the literary depth of her colleague, whose signature is associated with thousands of questionable posts on social networks.

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