April 1, 2023

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Frontex agents to strengthen security at SEPTA

Led by agents of the Spanish National Police and agents from across the EU, Operation Minerva launched on Friday and aims to strengthen control of the population at the port of Chuota between June 15 and September 15. During this time Operation Marhaba takes place. For this control task, Frontex has appointed 28 agents in the Autonomous City. Lighthouse of Ciuda.

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On Friday, agents, with the help of sniffer dogs, conducted a thorough inspection of vehicles and trucks in Septa. But earlier, they were welcomed by National Police Chief Javier Daniel Nogueroles, who stressed the importance of their mission when the flow of passengers increases significantly this summer.

The agents used by Frontex have different profiles. There are dog handlers, forged documents and vehicle smuggling experts, intelligence agents and senior officers of the National Police. They come from police forces in Luxembourg, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Italy, Romania and the Netherlands.

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Operation Minerva aims to strengthen the fight against human trafficking and illegal immigration and to control the regular flow of migrants, while seeking a balance between security and liquidity.

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