March 26, 2023

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Gabon: A massive road development project has been launched

#Gabon : Despite a difficult economic environment, Gabon continues its investment efforts, especially in the road sector. By August 2023, an envelope of 50 billion FCFA is planned for the creation of new sectors in Greater Libreville and interior integrations.

Despite difficult economic conditions, the government of Gabon continues to invest in the country’s road infrastructure. In Libreville alone, more than 20 km of roads have been repaired since last September.

By August 2023, an envelope of more than 50 billion CFA francs will be earmarked for the creation of new units in Greater Libreville and agglomerations in the interior of the country. The declaration made by President Ali Bongo Ondimba during his address to the nation on August 16, marking the 62nd anniversary of the country’s independence, is being implemented in the field. Libreville is under construction!

The government wants to catch up on road projects that have been in place for more than four decades. A vital economic factor in the national development strategy, the road has become a political and social issue in the nation’s capital. Sectors that were difficult to access in the past, such as the Avorebam-Cap Estérias line, which is a dozen kilometers long, are being worked on to the great satisfaction of users.

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“Earlier there was a lot of dust in our shop. This is not the case today. We thank the state president. We see that he wants to do a good job, but he’s being blocked,” says computer scientist Jerome Adeyemianas.

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With a steady pace, the Libreville will enjoy the improvement of nearly 40 roads. The road rehabilitation project in Greater Libreville is part of the government’s priority Government Acceleration and Transformation Program (PAT).

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In recent months, residents of Libreville’s North Zone have seen their neighborhoods transformed by the asphalting of certain arteries. “Here, there was a traffic jam in our area because the road wasn’t built. Now it’s over. People are happy that the president did what he said,” explains Guy Pionel, who lives in what is known as the First Camp of Cape Esterias.

According to official data, Gabon has 10,000 km of roads, of which only 2,000 km are in good condition. Several projects are underway to improve this road network, including Transcabonise. The President recalled in his address that this road project and the Libreville Airport Bypass will be delivered in 2023 as per the schedule.