March 30, 2023

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Gabon / Morocco: Ali Bongo thanks his “brother” King Mohammed VI

The President of the Republic of Gabonese, Ali Bongo Odimba, arrived in Rabat on Friday for a visit to work and friendship and brotherhood. On this occasion, he called King Mohammed VI a “brother” and expressed his gratitude for the sovereignty.

After attending the Investment Forum for COP26 on Saudi Arabia and Climate and Scotland, President Gabon embarked on a working and friendly visit to Morocco, where he is scheduled to meet with King Mohammed VI.

“For a working and friendly visit, I am delighted to be in #Morocco, my favorite country,” he announced on Twitter.

“I am even glad to see my brother, His Majesty King Mohammed VI. I will never forget everything he wanted to do for me, especially in my difficult times, ”said the head of state, who is returning to business after his illness.

Ali Bongo Odimba returns to the international arena 3 years after his stroke. In recent months, President Gabonis has done a lot of work, especially in recent weeks when he has received heads of state and ambassadors.

“This trip is part of a particularly close fraternal relationship that connects the Republic of Gabonese with the Kingdom of Morocco and is based on the mutual respect between the Gabonese President and King Mohammed VI.

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In fact, relations between Gabon and Morocco are excellent, with Ali Bongo and his family regularly going to Morocco, and he made his first official public appearance after the stroke from the kingdom. He also spent part of his life between Morocco and Saudi Arabia.