March 22, 2023

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Gabon: Port-Gentilois is trained in setting up programs to address the resilience challenge

#Gabon : How to save the economically weakened Port-Gentiles from the agony of unemployment at the end of the twin economic and health crisis linked to Covid-19 that has rocked the entire country for two years?

In response to this problem, the “Carrefour de la Diversité” think-tank has organized a conference-discussion entitled “Micro-finance and the Adequacy of Development”. According to the management team of the associative site, which is surrounded by micro-finance experts, this meeting is particularly interesting. Its objective: To uplift the unemployed in the context of economic recession.

“It is not about giving donations at this time. Instead of looking at how much money we can lend, Diversity Crossroads will be a facilitator and funder. We will set up an incubator locally that will train young people on how to set up a plan, how to manage it and how to repay the loan. In a sample of 100 or 200 people, I believe the basket of housewives is lighter if everyone can take care of themselves,” explains Leon Abebe, Carrefour General Representative of Diversity.

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The association’s ambition is in line with the principle of equal opportunities advocated by Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba. Indeed, it aims to encourage private enterprise in the city of Port-Gentil, which is struggling to recover from the combined effects of the oil and health crisis.

In times of recession, self-employment can become a panacea, believe microcredit experts invited by Diversity Crossroads for a live exchange with project leaders. “Microfinance can act as a learning room for them, to address the banking system. It goes into the practice of a certain number of activities and services like banking. Today I tell you: if you have a good advisor, you have a good partner. Because, after financing, Opening an account makes all operations easier for you”, says Romuald Obam MV, speaker.

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Port-Gentil, the oil city and economic capital of Gabon, was hit hard by a drop in the price of a barrel on international markets. The crisis resulted in the closure of many businesses, a massive job loss, and thus an increase in the unemployment rate.