May 30, 2023

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Gambia: Justice rejects Adama Pharaoh’s appeal against re-election

# In other countries : The Supreme Court of Gambia on Tuesday rejected the appeal of the defeated presidential candidate Ousainou Darboe, who condemned the abuses and confirmed the re-election of outgoing President Adama Pharaoh.

Adama Borough, who ended more than 20 years of dictatorship five years ago, won the December 4 presidential election with about 53% of the vote, with his main rival, Ousainou Darboe, receiving 27% of the vote, according to the Electoral Commission.

Before the results were announced, Tarpo condemned the scandal with the other two candidates and expressed his intention to challenge them.

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His party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), appealed to the Supreme Court on December 6. In his appeal, he accused the borough or his supporters of distributing money or gifts in different villages. The opposition says the National People’s Party (NPP), Pharaoh’s party, has infiltrated the Electoral Commission and condemns the participation of non-Cambians in the election and various irregularities in the voting and counting process.

Conducted by the Supreme Court The UDP does not respect the provisions of Section 11 of the Electoral Act, which must be accompanied by an appeal protection movement, Its chairman Hassan P. Announced by Turbo Jalo.

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The appeal was not dismissed on merit, but on the basis of simple technical description we lost nothing. We should be proud of what we have done for the country and will continue to do soTarpo said on his party website.

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This judgment of the Supreme Court is final.

The presidential election is being held in a round in Gambia, a small English-speaking country in West Africa, which is made up of a narrow strip of land inside Senegal.