April 1, 2023

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Gas exploitation in Lebanon: Tel Aviv urges Washington to reach a deal

Nir Dwori, Associate Military Affairs Specialist Channel 12revealed “Israel is putting pressure on the US to conclude an agreement between Lebanon and Israel Before September, the date of the gas withdrawal from Karish and the threat made by Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah.

The Israeli media estimated that “Nasrallah Raises Tone of Threats Against Israel Weeks Before Karish Gas Field Goes On”. As part of this gas field is in Lebanese territories, the leader of Hezbollah threatened to attack all gas fields controlled by Israel if gas exports from Garish were to start.

N. Dvori continued it “Negotiations regarding maritime boundaries have stalled. Israel is demanding that Hezbollah honor the deal it concludes with Lebanon, which has yet to happen. Therefore, Israel is putting pressure on the US to conclude the agreement before September”. As he pointed out ” Israel is conducting a very extensive security operation in the vicinity of the Karish gas field or in the vicinity of Israeli economic waters in general (…) This includes naval patrols, deployment of fighter jets and air defense systems at sea and in some locations in the north, to deter any incident and development.

A week ago, Israeli media reported that Yair Lapid, the prime minister of the occupation government, asked US Ambassador Amos Hochstein. “He wanted an agreement with Lebanon on maritime borders as soon as possible. »

Schneider Amidror, another commentator on Arab affairs 12Th Chain Israeli, H. Nasrallah said “not only threatened to attack Khahrish, but also threatened all Israeli gas platforms in the Mediterranean”, Add that “It creates multiple levels of progress at once”. He also pointed out that the leader of Hezbollah “The comments came amid weeks of talks between Israel and Lebanon led by US mediator Amos Hochstein”.

The commentator felt “ These negotiations, as we understand from the reports on Lebanon, seem to be approaching the stage of agreements and consensus.

H. Nasrallah said on television on Monday Al Mayadeenwhat “Lebanon now faces a historic opportunity in light of Europe’s need for an alternative to Russian oil and gas.” Adding it “The US and Europe need oil and gas, and Israel sees an opportunity in this.” When referring to that “Biden does not want a war in the region, and this case is an opportunity to pressure the Lebanese to get their oil rights (before September). »