May 30, 2023

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Gold partnership seal with first export from DRC and UAE

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Congolese authorities have now turned to the United Arab Emirates, a hub for smuggling the metal to market gold. Both countries have established a company called Primera Gold TRC. The young structure will specialize in exporting gold from artisanal mining in South Kivu province. Primera Gold DRC delivered the first batch of gold sold directly to Dubai in Kinshasa on Friday, January 13. For Kinshasa, this is an opportunity to fight against trafficking, which feeds conflict in DRC’s eastern provinces.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Likodi

For Congolese officials, this is a paradigm shift. Congo wants to control the ore, which is mined and exported by artisanal means in the country’s east. via Rwanda and Uganda.

The ceremony was an opportunity to discuss the cooperation that Felix Shisekedi once offered to Paul Kagame. ” I sought such partnership with our neighbors in terms of transportation, transportation of our minerals and benefiting our respective peoples by creating this value chain that would bring many benefits to their respective peoples. Nations and Peoples ».

He laments the suspension last year of a cooperation protocol that allowed Rwandan company Tither Ltd to refine gold extracted by Congolese company Sakima, blamed on the Rwandan counter at the initiative of President Felix Tshisekedi. Supporting the M23. ” Some of our neighbors wanted to continue on this path full of dangers, above all because of the blood of our comrades. ».

The new company, Primera Gold TRC, hopes to export 15 to 25 tonnes per annum. It also wants to expand cooperation with key companies in the DRC, such as Sachima, Sogimo and Jegamines.

For the President, this collaboration is proof that the DRC can work in partnership with everyone.

According to many experts, if the country is to fully benefit from this experience, it will also need to tackle other issues plaguing the sector, such as corruption and impunity.

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