March 26, 2023

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Govt-19: Decline in the number of cases in Africa, 4th wave (WHO)

The weekly number of Govt-19 cases in Africa has “dropped significantly” and the number of deaths has also dropped, for the first time since the peak of the 4th wave triggered by the Omigron variant, the WHO announced on Thursday.

“This collapse puts an end to the shortest known eruption on the continent, which lasted 56 days,” the WHO (World Health Organization) underlined its regional office for Africa in a statement issued at the end of the weekly press conference.

“The number of new cases reported has dropped by 20% in the week to January 16, while the number of deaths has dropped by 8%,” the UN said.

WHO Africa further states that South Africa, where the Omigron variant was first ranked, has seen a downward trend over the past four weeks.

North Africa alone has reported an increase in the number of cases in the past week, rising to 55%, he notes.

However, “as long as the virus continues to spread, future waves are inevitable,” WHO Director for Africa Dr. Madshidiso Moiti told a news conference.

He said the continent “needs to not only generalize the vaccine, but also have extended and equitable access to the essential treatments for Covit-19.”

The vaccination rate in Africa is low, with only 10% of the population fully vaccinated, according to the World Health Organization.

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