April 1, 2023

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Govt-19: Israel launches campaign for 4th dose vaccine

While most countries have opened the booster dose to the entire population, Israel, for its part, is opening the fourth dose vaccine to the most vulnerable population in the context of the Omigran variant epidemic.

Israel is expected to become the first country to offer a fourth dose of the Covit-19 vaccine to people over the age of 60 and medical personnel, following a positive response from a panel of experts presented on Tuesday. The first death due to the Omigron variant was announced on the same day.

Israel announced on Tuesday, December 21, that it was offering a fourth dose of the COV-19 vaccine to people over the age of 60 and medical staff, a decision taken amid concerns about the spread of the Omigron variant of the corona virus. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated around the world.

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A panel of experts from the Department of Health has recommended giving a fourth dose of the vaccine to the elderly, a move that was soon welcomed by Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett. “It will help tackle the Omigron wave that is spreading around the world,” he said, calling on the Israelis to get this extra vaccine booster soon.

However, it must be duly authorized by the Haute Autorité de santé.

The panel’s recommendation came after an Israeli hospital confirmed the country’s first death related to the Omicron variant. The Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba has announced that a 60-year-old man suffering from “many” “serious” diseases has succumbed to omigran.

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A spokesman for the prime minister said Israel was the first country in the world to deliver a fourth dose. “Israeli citizens received the first and third vaccine in the world We continue to be at the forefront with the fourth dose against Covit-19, calling on those who “meet these criteria in a statement issued by his services” to get vaccinated.

People with immunodeficiency can get a fourth dose, which can be given to people over 60 and medical groups, at least four months after the third injection, the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

On Christmas Day, the highly contagious Omigran variant of the corona virus spreads across Europe at lightning speed, causing an outbreak of new contaminants.

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During his last press conference, WHO Director for Europe Hans Cluz said, “Omigron has dominated or already dominates many countries, including Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Uni, where the numbers are doubling each. Causes.

With 2,870,947 cases in the last seven days or 60% of the world’s total cases, the Old Continent is currently recording more cases. With 1,108,580 cases, or 23%, followed by a group from the United States and Canada.