March 26, 2023

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Grand Frais Jonzac » The next opening is pending

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Grand Fries Supermarket is waiting to open soon in Jonzac in Charente Maritime… So welcome to Jonzacais and Jonzacaise.

Grand Fresh Jonzac Charente

The Grand Fries supermarket and hypermarket brand is notable by its absence in Jonzac in Charente Maritime. In fact, there are no supermarkets of this supermarket brand in the entire city at this time. Apart from this, no news reports allow us to anticipate the upcoming opening in this geographical sector.

Therefore, most French cities have a supermarket of this first-of-its-kind product distribution brand, no Jonsakais and no Jonsakais.

Grand Fries near Jonsac (32 km)

Jonzacais and Jonzacaises absolutely want to do their shopping at this brand’s point of sale and therefore have to go to another city. Finally you have to travel a certain distance to reach the point of sale. In fact there is no company within a radius of less than 32 km.

Nearest address is 70 Av. D Angoulême, 16100 Châteaubernard, France. It has to travel 32 km before reaching it.

Address 1: 70 Av. D Angoulem, 16100 Châteaubernard, France

Additionally, the 2nd closest address is in the commune of Vaux sur Mer, on the outskirts of Rouen. The exact address of this supermarket is: 11 Rue Auguste Râteau, 17640 Vaux-sur-Mer, France. To reach this address, you have to travel 63 km.

Address 2: 11 Rue Auguste Râteau, 17640 Vaux-sur-Mer, France

If you are tired of traveling 32 km, you can also participate in our petition for the opening of a Grand Frais in Jonzac in the Charente Maritime department. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and your opinion will finally count!

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More info

Did you like this article? So now find out more information about the topics in the article below…

Brand in Charente Maritime

Except for Jonsac, the Grand Fries covers mostly French territory. However some openings are planned for 2023 and 2024. Discover the brand’s news in France and especially in your Charente Maritime department. This is by clicking on the link below:

High new charente sea

Jonzak Start (Except Grand Fries)

This is happening in the city now when it comes to shopping. Jonzacais and Jonzacaises are delighted to welcome new international brands. Find other brands waiting to open in your city of Charente Maritime. Click on your preferred brand below:

  • Section waiting for information

Grand Fresh Opening Jonesock

63 kilometers to reach the point of sale, do you think buying your first brand-new goods is too much?!

You absolutely want to see this brand of new products arrive in your geographic region of Charente Maritime. So tell us here in the comments below this page. Your feedback helps the brand to choose the next address to open a point of sale.

So welcome Jonzacais and Jonzacaises. Finally, your opinion matters!