April 1, 2023

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Greens, champions of the Arab world, back in Algeria

The Algerians Celebrate their champions for the second consecutive night this Sunday, December 19th.

The day after being crowned in the Arab Cup on Saturday against the Eagles of Carthage in Doha, the desert players returned to Algeria. The plane carrying them landed at Algiers Airport at 8.15pm.

Many officials, including Prime Minister Amin Benazir Bhutto and President’s Adviser Abdelhabit Allahum, came to welcome the Doha Knights.

The Cup In hand, Djamel Benlamri with Baghdad Bounetza and Youssef Bailey left the plane. Other players and technicians followed. They were greeted by officers before retiring in the reception hall at Algiers Airport.

Thousands of people are waiting in the capital’s downtown streets to celebrate Algeria’s first title in the Arab League. The night promises to be long.

On Saturday evening, thousands of people took to the streets of the country’s cities to celebrate the victory of Yassin Brahimi’s comrades, who were named the tournament’s best player in the final of the Arab Cup against Tunisia (2-0). Unfortunately, these celebrations were followed by mourning for the deaths of two people in Setif and Relison. Numerous injuries were recorded.

Algeria, who left for Qatar with the intention of bringing home the trophy, did not disappoint their supporters. Although the Greens did not finish first at the start of the match, they beat big cars like Morocco in the quarterfinals and Qatar (2-1) in the semifinals before dominating Tunisia (2). -0) In the final, after a match full of suspense.