March 25, 2023

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Guerrero Ukraine – Russie: Macky Sall is one of the most durable lovers in the world appearing with Poutine

Crédit photo, Getty Images

The President’s Macky Sall’s new entry was taken by President Russe Vladmir Poutine at 9 months old.

Appel au “cessez-le-feu durable”

“I’m the most inspiring person in the world’s Posident Poutine in the high quality of the President’s Union African to solicit a case – very durable in Ukraine. ngociée du conflit “, with Sall in a tweet.

M. Sall occupe actulele la prisidence tournante de l’Union africaine.

This dibut de la creise, l’UA et bloc regional ouest-africain CEDEAO on appel à a case-in-feu et à des Ngociations politics.