March 22, 2023

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Guinea: 200,000 chickens slaughtered to control the spread of bird flu – Le Magazine du Manager

Guinea’s Agriculture Minister Mamoudou Nagnalen Barry announced on Wednesday, June 29, that 200,000 chickens had been slaughtered in Guinea-Conakry to prevent the spread of H5N1 bird flu.

The first 6 contaminants have been reported since June 7, and the disease has already killed about 120,500 birds. “Current eruptions are in the provinces of Koya and Forgaria, between 50 and 100 kilometers from the capital, Conakry,” the minister said.

Despite the “competition for frozen poultry imports from Brazil and Europe”, the difficulties of the guinea fowl industry will continue to complicate matters.

In Guinea, the poultry industry produces less than 10% of the domestic white meat. It should be noted that “the industry has experienced waves of investment to improve its broiler supply, to meet the growing needs of the local market and to improve its day-old chick production capacity.”

Last January, Salambande Agro-Industry “launched a hatchery in the province of Koya at a cost of 4.5 million chicks and 7 billion guinea francs ($ 800,000) a year”. According to the data, “agriculture accounts for 70% of Guinea’s population and contributes more than 25% of the country’s GDP”.

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