March 25, 2023

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Guinea: After the army, Colonel Mamadi cleans the dumbboya customs

# Guinea : Guinea’s interim leader Colonel Mamati Tamboy has voluntarily retired 123 customs officials, including the director general, after cleaning up the administration and the military hierarchy.

“Employees with the following names are allowed to assert their retirement rights,” an order announced Wednesday night before a survey on national television, almost 12 minutes later, ranging from generals to simple commanders, with their registration number. With Director General of Customs General Dumani Sankare.

The latter was replaced by Colonel Massa Camara, who until then had been director of IT and statistics, according to another order read by the newspaper’s editor.

In May 2011, General Dumani Sangare was appointed to the post. No explanation was given for these pensions.

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Colonel Tamboya, who ousted former President Alpha Conte on September 5 and later became interim president, vowed to “rebuild” the state of Guinea and fight corruption. However, he assured that there would be no “witch hunt”.

Last week, another decree of Colonel Dumbboa retired more than 40 army commanders without rest.

After seizing power, the ruling party dissolved the government and institutions and transformed ministers, governors and prefectural leaders into executives and soldiers.

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On October 6, Colonel Tamboya was appointed interim prime minister, succeeding former United Nations secretary-general Mohamed Pavoki. Two weeks later, the structure of his government is still pending.

Colonel Mamati Dumbboya promised to unite the Guineans beyond political or racial discrimination.

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