March 22, 2023

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Henley Passport: Where is the Moroccan Passport?

The results of the latest Henley Passport Index 2022 rankings show record levels of travel freedom in Japan and Singapore, but the largest global operating gap since the index was created 17 years ago. In fact, Japanese and Singapore passports allow visa – free entry to 192 countries, while Afghanistan below the code allows entry to only 32 countries without a visa.

The latest results of the Henley Passport Code for 2022 have just been released. This shows that the passports of Japan and Singapore are in the first place. They allow 192 countries to access their nationals without a visa. “For these two first- and first-ranked countries, this is an unprecedented increase in overall travel freedom. But we see the largest global operating gap ever recorded since the code was created 17 years ago, “he said, highlighting the code’s promoters.

In fact, the Afghan passport below the code does not allow access to 192 destinations around the world without a visa, regardless of the evolution and temporary restrictions associated with the Govt. Admission to only 32 visa-free countries is lower than the two leading countries in 166 countries.

This growing gap in international mobility between rich and poor countries was highlighted with the arrival of the highly contagious type of Omicron late last year, which has come mainly against the continued penal restrictions against African countries. Like “travel racism”. This is despite the fact that global travel freedom has increased dramatically over the past decade and a half.

According to the historical data of the Henley Passport Code, an individual did not need to obtain a visa in advance for an average of 57 countries in 2006. Today, that number has risen to 107, but the overall increase obscures the growing imbalance between countries in the North and South, with citizens of countries such as Sweden and the United States actually going to more than 180 visa-free destinations. , Passport holders from Angola, Cameroon and Laos can only enter about 50 countries.

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Covid-19 increases imbalances in global movement
It should be noted that after the leading Asian doubles, Germany and South Korea retained 2nd place in the last rankings. Holders of their passports can access 190 visa-free locations; Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain share 3rd place with access to 189 countries. After falling to 8th place in 2020, US and UK passports have regained their previous strength. Both countries now rank 6th with a visa-free entry score of 186 countries.

Morocco, meanwhile, ranks 79th with Cuba and Ghana, and their citizens have visa-free access to 64 countries. Commenting on the rankings, Dr. Christian H., President of Henley & Partners and Inventor of the Passport Index Concept, said: Cain emphasizes the need to open up migration channels for post-epidemic recovery. “Passports and visas are one of the most important tools influencing social inequality around the world because they determine the opportunities for global movement. The boundaries we are born into and the documents we hold are not more arbitrary than our skin color. Wealthy countries around the world, including improving the size and quality of their own workforce. Encourage positive inward migration with the aim of redistributing and restructuring existing human and material resources.

In the same way, Mehri Tadel Maru, a professor at the Center for Migration Policy, points out that the preference of countries in the South for responding to changing circumstances is not always shared by countries in the North. “The costly demands associated with international travel institutionalize inequality and discrimination, and its association with Covid-19 and its instability and inequality highlights and exacerbates the shocking imbalance in the international movement between rich developed countries and their poorer counterparts.”

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The basic study of passport power operators reveals
The study commissioned by Henley & Partners, a global investment migration firm, to determine the power of the passport shows the same findings. In fact, the gains of rich countries in terms of freedom of travel have come at the expense of poorer countries, which have been increasing barriers to entry in recent years.

The study also shows that while citizens of upper-middle and upper-income countries have visa-free access to most countries, citizens of lower-middle and lower-income countries and those with higher vulnerability scores are happier. Travel freedom is very limited as they are considered high risk in terms of security, shelter and longer stay. Interestingly, however, the study concludes that while the average visa waiver score is higher in democracies around the world, democratic and dictatorial regimes have since increased visa waiver scores.

About the 2022 Henley Passport Index

With industry-leading professional commentary and historical data that has lasted 17 years, the Henley Passport Index is the original ranking of all passports in the world, based on the number of places that its holders can access without a prior visa. First Dr. Christian H. Created by Gailin, the database is based on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Privacy and Official Data, which maintains the world’s largest and most accurate travel database. Extensive and ongoing research by Henley & Partners Research.

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