April 1, 2023

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How Brahim Khali torpedoed what was left of the Polisario

see Hassan Benadot 07/17/2022 at 10:21 PM.

The leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Khali.

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Kiosk360. The record of Polisario leader Brahim Khali could not have been more disastrous. The movement has been undermined by scandals such as repression, torture, insecurity in the camps and embezzlement of humanitarian aid. This article is a press review of the Asaba newspaper.

Six years have passed since the Algerian military confirmed the appointment of Khali Syed Mustafa, also known as Brahim Khali, as head of the Polisario to replace Mohamed El Marakachi, who died in the United States in 2016. Asaba In its edition of Monday, July 18, it reported that Khali was elected because of a sort of consensus, as he was challenged by several Sahrawi tribes. The man has a notorious reputation for rape scandals that have plagued the Polisario since his creation, and for his direct involvement in numerous arrests and torture when he occupied the post of so-called defense minister.

As those who have been following the administration of this separatist organization for six years know, he has failed miserably in all areas of his career. Even the Polisario’s core was divided into opposing factions unable to find any common ground. Suffice it to say that these hardliners compete even more in hostility on burning issues that hit the headlines, such as security and humanitarian aid.

Security has suffered an unprecedented deterioration, allowing the Polisario leadership to control all aspects of life in the camps. The camps have become the focus of clashes between drug trafficking gangs who exchange gunfire in broad daylight, much to the chagrin of Tintouf camp residents.

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Daily Asaba The Polisario insists that the deterioration of the security situation reached its peak when the head of the intelligence unit was kidnapped and his car was disposed of. The separatist movement was put in place when humanitarian organizations discovered that its leaders were diverting aid and reselling it in Algerian and neighboring markets. Revenue from this traffic has become the primary source of funding for jihadists in the Sahel region.

In doing so, Brahim Galli failed to preserve the strength of the Polisario because he lost the confidence of camp residents who saw him as a bad omen, since the Polisario had not stopped accumulating backlash since his appointment. .

To this must be added the fact that the Algerian power in Al Mouradia has cut off all direct communication with the leaders of the Polisario by entrusting the intermediary to its intelligence officers in the Tintouf camps. A situation that forced the Polisario to make many mistakes internally and externally by multiplying the waves of arrests and kidnappings in the Tindouf camps. Early indications are that Algerian authorities are beginning to seriously consider firing Brahim Ghali in an attempt to restore the image of a movement in free fall.

Bur Hassan Benadot