March 25, 2023

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ICIT’s 5th African Regional Conference in Marrakech

Organizers announced that the 5th African Regional Conference of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICIT) will be held in Marachech from November 23 to 30 under the theme “Sustainable Management of Irrigation for the Better Recession of Agriculture in Africa”.

This edition aims to improve the ICID and the Ministry of Agriculture, marine fisheries, des Eaux et Forts et du Developmental Rural, initiated by the National Association for Land Development, Irrigation, Drainage and Environment (ANAFIDE). Morocco’s experience in irrigated agriculture with ICID’s national and international science and technology network and to develop South – South cooperation exchanges for sustainable development in Africa, we note in a joint press release.

Other events on the sidelines of the conference will be hosted by the Moroccan National Committee ICID (ANAFIDE). Directors of the Regional Agricultural Development Offices in Sahara Africa and Morocco have an experience of irrigation around Morocco, including the week of the Western African Network for Irrigation Development and Management (SAGI), including Mali, Mauritania, Chad, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Niger.

This side event is organized in collaboration with ANAFIDE and the French Association for Water, Irrigation and Drainage (AFEID). In addition, to host the 72nd Executive Committee of the ICID, of which Morocco is a permanent member, from November 26 to 30, 2021. During this Council, the ANAFIDE organization of the International Conference will be confirmed. In May 2022. 3 new Vice Presidents of ICID will be elected who will be the Moroccan candidate.

Other events will be organized on the sidelines of this conference, namely the FAO Conference: Nexus Water Energy and Food, the Water Economy in Agriculture (World Bank), Workshop for Young African Experts: Sustainable Water Supply Management in Irrigation, Workshop Geosynthetics International Association, Irrigation Technologies and Water-Agriculture Development and Exhibition of Kingdom Troyer Products.

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Representatives from forty countries, five continents and international organizations (FAO and World Bank) are participating in the event, with significant Moroccan participation represented by all parts of the Kingdom. Delegates from countries unable to travel due to COVIT-19 will be able to follow the conference work and side events through an important interactive direct transfer system and simultaneous translation set up by ANAFIDE.