March 22, 2023

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Imam Equuschen complains about Gerald Dorman – Jean Afrique

After nearly two months, they suffered almost exclusively in the media and in the courts. Hassan Ikusen Counter attack. The Moroccan pastor’s defense announced on October 21 that it would file a complaint against Interior Minister Gerald Dorman for public defamation. Questionably, the minister, former mayor of Tourcoing, has since September 2 declared Hasan Iguesen “a criminal, a fugitive and a separatist”.

Belgian horse

By that time, Imam Iqusen had left French territory as the French police prepared to question him. The trial judge from Valenciennes started immediately A European Arrest Warrant against him for “avoidance of order of removal”. The imam was finally arrested in Belgium on September 30 before being detained by local authorities.

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The demand for extradition, immediately presented by France, increased the support of the pastor, who condemned the discontinuance with a paradox. “We are coming to reproach For leaving when someone was asked to leave,” said his lawyer, Lucy Simon. “We have to go get him, get him back to the territory […] Can he be put in an administrative detention center in France and deported? “, he added about Rabat’s suspension Consular Pass It is necessary to extradite him to Morocco.

First win for security

Three weeks later, on October 21, Belgian courts refused to execute the warrant, citing the man and his lawyers as having denied the reasons given by France. The first victory came for the defense, which issued a press release on October 3 saying that “its client has confidence in Belgian justice not to succumb to pressure from a French executive eager for a media trophy to serve a disastrous legislative agenda.”

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So, it was on the strength of this first deadlock for the Home Minister that the security forces decided to launch a counter-attack following the decision handed down by the Tournai Council Chamber. French judge against Gerald Tarmanin.

Enough to reignite the controversy that has been roiling France since the summer. It all started on July 28, when the interior minister began the process of eviction targeting 58-year-old Moroccan imam Hassan Iqusen from Hauts-de-France, accused of conducting “hate speech against values” for years. France is against our principles of secularism and equality between women and men.

The preacher has been plagued by anti-Semitic, sexist and homophobic remarks in recent years at conferences and videos posted on his YouTube channel.

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It was first suspended by the Administrative Court of Paris on August 5. Discharge Hassan Ikusen was there then Verified by the State Council On August 30, “His anti-Semitic views were communicated to many years In several widely publicized conferences, as well as her discourse on the inferiority of women and their submission to men, constitutes overt and deliberate acts of discrimination or hatred that justify the expulsion decision. On the other hand, the top French administrative court rejected many of the reasons put forward by the minister to expel the imam.

However, when the police came to his house that evening to arrest him, the suspect was nowhere to be found. Anticipating the decision of the Council of State, Hasan Ikusen has actually already fled to Belgium, whose border is about thirty kilometers from the town of Lorch where he lives.

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Iquioussen sort du silence

While he has not yet spoken out about the case, Hasan Ikussen posted a video on his Facebook page on the day of his arrest in Belgium. “Although our Home Minister has tried to pass me off as an enemy of the Republic, I am alive,” he declared. A bed of cameras wants to leave on its own “with its head held high.”

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August 25, Mediapart It also revealed that the imam and Gérald Darmanin, who ran for mayor of Tourcoing in the 2014 municipal elections, dined together as they tried to woo the city’s strong Muslim community, located on the outskirts of Lille. Information to add a little more confusion to an already packed case.

Pending the decision of the Belgian indictment in Mons, which is due to take place in two weeks, Hasan Ikusen is currently in prison. of Turn.