May 29, 2023

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Imam expelled from Belgium’s largest mosque,

Sammy Mahdi, secretary of the National Lottery for Asylum and Emigration and Belgium, last October revoked the residence permit of Morocco’s Mohamed Dujani, the chief imam of the Al Khalil Mosque in Molenbeek. Because he withdrew his right to reside in Belgium Considered a “threat to national security”, especially for calling for the “burning of the Jews” in a video. Broadcasting on the Internet.

Sami Mahdi, a member of the Christian People’s Party (CD & V) of Iraqi descent who was the son of a Shia political refugee persecuted in Sunni-ruled Iraq, did not specify the date of his expulsion, only on Thursday. Before the delegates that Imam Mohammed Dujani is not currently in Belgian territory.

In the past, we have given more opportunity to serious preachers. This man may be the most influential pastor in Belgium. With this decision, we are making a change and sending a clear signal: we will not tolerate those who divide or threaten our national security. “, The Secretary of State continued on a hemicycle.

Mohammed Dujani, who preached until last year at the Al-Khalil Mosque in Molenbeek, one of Belgium’s largest Islamic places of worship, withdrew his residence permit on October 12, 2021. A press release.

The Secretary of State made this decision based on information from the Security Services, citing “signs of a serious threat to national security,” as explained in a document by Sammy Mahdi’s department. The Imam was then ordered to leave the country.

According to Sami Mahdi’s company, the ordinary appeal period is over, which Dujani’s lawyer argues. The Imam has a wife and children in Belgium. Toujgani has lived in Belgium since 1982 (40 years) and is of Moroccan descent, according to the Sami Mahdi, according to whom, ” Although he (Imam) lived in Belgium for many years, he did not speak Dutch or French.

The imam, who is now considered a serious preacher by the Belgian authorities, has been the subject of controversy for some time. In 2009, he called again to burn the oppressed Jews, ”the statement said. The video was released back in 2019, when the VRT reported that it had received information through a Flemish media outlet that Toujgani had apologized for the comments, provoking “a skid” over the Israeli-led “war” against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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According to the Belgian Foreign Secretary, Duchenne preached a very conservative Islam. According to state security, it is classified by the “intellectuals” in the Muslim Brotherhood as a controversial political-Islamic movement in Belgium, which is essentially peaceful, but for the long term, it aims at the progressive Islamization of society.

In previous notes – the most discussed – the state security is the Muslim Brotherhood. ” Create a climate of secession and polarization that will be a fertile ground for (violent) intensification. ” .

In addition, the Belgian state security was very grateful for the services rendered by its Moroccan representative during the tragic events in Belgium, which allowed it to arrest the biggest terrorists of all time in Europe, and especially to attack Salah Abdeslam, Moroccan intelligence in Molenbeek.

In fact, his services believed that Imam Mohammed Dujani was spying for the good of the Kingdom of Morocco, and he was the leader of the League of Moroccan Imams. A league, according to some, spreads terrorism and spies. In good tradition, the dog was shot because the master thought he was crazy.