May 30, 2023

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Immigration office accuses Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia of “not playing along”

The Director General of the French Office for Migration and Integration, Didier Lechey, is said to believe that the Maghreb countries – Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia – can “play” (sic) to send back their nationals without valid residence permits. Monday, on the television channel news, he complained of “difficulties” for France, for some, in repatriating these people. “The countries from which we depart, mostly those that issue a lot of visas, must understand that they agree to play the game and return those who do not need to stay on French territory”, a- he argued, a year later, issuing this document to the citizens of Morocco and Algeria 50 France decided to reduce the %. in the country, These denials are almost formal.

Didier Leschi continues to sign off: “Mainly the countries of the Maghreb and other African countries are concerned.” According to him, “this is where migrant flows are most important”. “Algerians and Moroccans were the first two nationalities to cross the Mediterranean after Spain,” he said.

Paris still criticizes its partners for not issuing the necessary passes for the citizens concerned to return to their countries of origin. “However, during the Francophonie summit in Djerba, French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the fall of visa restrictions for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in 2021”, he underlined from the Turkish news agency. Anatoly. “We’re seeing an easing of (deported immigrants’) returns,” the president said.

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