April 1, 2023

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In 2024 Italy will stop relying on Russian gas

By the second half of 2024, Italy will be free of Russian gas, “said Mario Draghi, head of government on Thursday.

We have taken rapid action to reduce the share of natural gas we import from Russia“, Or 40% of the total in 2021, and” First effects “Of this policy” Will be realized from the end of 2022“, He announced before the senators.

Minister of Climate Change Roberto Singolani had planned for a short period in April, promising that Italy would succeed in doing away with Russian gas within 18 months.

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Earlier, he felt the need for the peninsula. 24 to 30 months “For success.

Italy seeks to increase its renewable energy production. Removes bureaucratic barriers For investments, Tracy said, it was the “only way” to get rid of the obligation to import fossil fuels.

Italy is one of the largest gas consumers in Europe, importing 42% and 95% of its energy consumption.

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