March 25, 2023

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In Austria, those who were not vaccinated were expelled from the community

On Monday Austria became the first EU country to control unvaccinated people against Govt-19 and began vaccinating children under the age of five as Europe faces a resurgence of the epidemic.

At the main vaccination center in Vienna, young Viennese people were quietly waiting to receive the first dose of the vaccine on Monday, when two million people who had not been vaccinated began a new control.

Austria is using the best methods to prevent the spread of the virus and increase the vaccination rate of its population (65% to date).

Although the European regulator has not yet approved the use of Pfizer-Bioendech serum for 5-11 year olds, the city of Vienna has chosen to be at the forefront.

The initiative is popular this holiday season for school students in the capital. More than 10,000 meetings have already been recorded, said Peter Hacker, the municipal health assistant who launched the program early in the morning.

Gerald Schwarzell, 41, who came with his two children, including five-year-old Theo, responded, “We’re committed.” “We hope they will be protected just like any other vaccine.”

Colored masks on the face, first treated with their needles, a little intimidated by the cameras.

Like the eight-year-old Pia, with her black dress and blonde hair, she says she is “a little” scared but very proud to go out with the sesame name “Ninja Boss” given to children in Austria.

– “Discrimination” –

With the youngsters now involved, Austrian Conservative President Alexander Schallenberg has decided to restrict those who have not been immunized or vaccinated since Kovid was captured on Monday.

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“The situation is serious,” the head of state warned on Sunday, before the new cases escalate, the highest since the epidemic began – with an average population of 8.9 million living in the country at 12,000 a day.

An air of concern is blowing in Europe as pollution increases from the Netherlands to Norway and controls return.

But only Austria in the European Union (EU) has gone so far as to restrict non-vaccinators, already excluding them from restaurants, hotels or hairdressing salons, which has angered a section of the population.

“Welcome to racism,” the government accused Monday of appointing a group of “slaughtered sheep”.

“Mr. Schallenberg is forcing rebellion, division and people into a dubious injection,” said Dr. Christian Fiala, who is active on the initiative Corona Information.

A demonstration in support of the far-right party FPÖ – whose anti-vaccine leader has declared in favor of Govt 19 – is scheduled for next Saturday.

Despite the government announcing numerous tests and sanctions, experts have not hidden their doubts about the effectiveness of such measures.

Others, such as expert Bernd-Christian Funk, have wondered in the media whether restricting only a fraction of the population is constitutional.

“This is pure and simple discrimination,” Sabine, a 49-year-old energy adviser, was offended at an earlier meeting on Sunday, saying he did not want to give his last name. “Of course, my life and my freedom are in jeopardy. This is not the right way to proceed.”

“I’m here to send a message: we must retaliate,” Sarah Hein, 30, a hospital department employee, told AFP. “We want to work, we want to help people, but we don’t want to be vaccinated. It’s up to us to decide.”

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– Safe Christmas –

In Vienna, merchants and passers-by interviewed by AFP at the Christmas market generally welcomed these new restrictions, without fear that attendance would decline as the holidays approached.

“We do what needs to be done and we want everyone to feel safe,” explains Daniel Stalker, head of the market located in Town Hall Square, which was canceled last year due to an epidemic.

However, some Viennese fear that controlling those who are not vaccinated is not enough.

This weekend, there was “more” in the wooden stands at the base of the big Christmas tree, says Jutta Crumfold, who was in her fifties selling cosmetics and soaps.

People fear that generalized control will be accepted. “They told me to save everything before closing” and the lights went out.