May 30, 2023

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In Senegal, a coalition was launched against President Macky Sall for a third term

More than a hundred political and civil society organizations launched a coalition in Dakar on Sunday April 16, ten months before the presidential election, to prevent President Mackie Sal from a third term, AFP journalist noted. The “Movement of the living forces of Senegal F24”It was launched in the presence of several opposition leaders, including Ousmane Sonko, to mark the presidential election scheduled for February 2024.

This coalition consists of parties, civil society organizations and independent personalities. She aims Courtesy of President Mackey Sall [élu en 2012 et réélu en 2019] His abandonment of presenting his candidacy for the constitutional and given word and illegal and illegal third mandate”According to a statement he issued on Sunday.

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President Sall, after several announcements that he will not seek re-election in 2024, has remained silent today on his intentions for the election, while his opponents believe he will finish his two legal terms. The Senegalese president opened up the question of his candidacy, arguing that only political and constitutional factors would prevent him from running, in an interview published by a French newspaper in mid-March. L’Express.

Many arrests

“At the legal level, the debate has long been settled” In his support, he says in this interview. “Now, should I contest for a third term or not? (…) I haven’t given my answer yet. I will make my position known when the time comes.. More than a hundred and twenty companies signed the charter of the F24 movement on Sunday, according to its founders.

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Alliance should also be freed “Political Prisoners” Ousmane Sonko was arrested during protests over a defamation case brought by Tourism Minister Mme Mbe Niang, who is in charge of the presidential party.

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Hundreds of people have been arrested in recent weeks during these protests, which Mr Niang said was singled out by a control agency report for managing the youth employment fund. Sonko’s party said. .

Instrumental justice?

On March 30, Mr. Sonko is due to be heard on the appeal on Monday. However, according to his lawyers, the opponent retained his eligibility for the 2024 presidential election. Both the prosecution and the civil side appealed against the verdict.

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Mr. Sonko and his supporters accuse authorities of using justice to prevent him from running for president in 2024. The presidential party, for its part, accuses Mr Sonko of wanting to paralyze the country and using the streets to escape justice.

In March 2021, Mr. Sonko’s trial and arrest en route to court contributed to sparking the worst riots in years in Senegal, an island of stability in the western region. – The problem is African. They caused at least a dozen deaths. The trial is yet to take place.

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