May 30, 2023

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In Spain, a hundred arson attacks are now under control

A hundred or more fires were confirmed as of Saturday 1st, according to authorities who ravaged northern Spain on Friday.There is April, officials say.

In the Asturias region, 71 fires were still burning as of midday Saturday, up from 90 the previous day. But almost everything is there “Under Control and Stabilized”, said Oscar Rodriguez, head of the region’s emergency services, during a press conference. Firefighters have been helped in recent hours by an improvement in weather conditions, less strong winds and the arrival of light rain, according to officials in this autonomous community located on Spain’s north Atlantic coast.

In the neighboring region of Cantabria, 35 fires were reported on Friday. “All off” Except for two forest fires still going on but “in control”The regional government said on that day Twitter.


Wildfires that have been growing simultaneously in recent days have led to the evacuation of nearly 400 people and mobilized a large firefighting force. In Asturias, a total of 11,000 hectares have been affected, Oscar Rodriguez said.

According to officials, the fire was set deliberately. have been “Clearly a Concerted Action by Eco-Terrorists”could have done “Hundreds dead”The regional president of Asturias, Adrien Barbón, condemned on Saturday during the press point.

Another massive forest fire in Castellón, Valencia region, mobilized firefighters in recent days before it was confirmed on Friday. According to the regional government, nearly 4,700 hectares have burned.

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In Spain, which is facing a long drought after three years of below-average rainfall, officials believe the fire season, once limited to summer, will now last from spring to autumn as a result of climate change.

In 2022, a black year for forest fires in Europe, Spain was the most affected European country, with almost 500 fires destroying more than 300,000 hectares, according to the European Fire Information System Forests (Effis).

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