May 29, 2023

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In the midst of the crisis, Boris Johnson calls on Emmanuel Macron to repatriate immigrants

Amid tensions between France and Britain, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on French President Emmanuel Macron to withdraw illegal immigrants crossing the canal into the United Kingdom in France.

Discussions on immigration and illegal migration between France and Great Britain have intensified after 27 migrants were killed in a boat sinking in the Channel on Wednesday.

“We propose a bilateral restructuring agreement to allow the return of all illegal immigrants crossing the channel,” he wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron on Twitter.

In his message, the British leader said that France and his country should find an agreement on the “repatriation” or repatriation of immigrants to their home country. “The European Union has concluded reconsideration agreements with countries such as Belarus and the Russian Federation,” he said, adding that he hoped such an agreement would be concluded with the UK soon.

However, France rejects this option, while at the same time seeking to deport undocumented immigrants to their home country, particularly Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

“The move will have immediate effect and will significantly reduce shortcuts and save lives by basically breaking the economic model of criminal gangs,” the Conservative leader said.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel also spoke on the migration issue on Thursday, saying a “concerted international effort” would be needed to combat the criminal gangs that regulate illegal channel crossings.

He spoke after an interview with his French envoy, Gerald Dormann, and offered to send British troops to patrol the French coast. A proposal rejected by Paris.

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Almost two weeks before this deadly tragedy from 2018 on the channel, Gerald Dormann, Had expressed France’s very dry position against British allegations on the issue of migration

He declared that “we have no lessons to learn from the British” about the administration of immigrants who want to join Great Britain, insisting that “we are not their collaborators or their allies.”

“We are suffering from British politics. We must not change roles, ”he added, adding that the kidnapping networks were set up in Great Britain, not France.