April 1, 2023

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In Ukraine, the wood sample is revived

Ground chips and the good smell of wood: After more than three months of forced shutdown, operations resumed due to donations from the bombing factory north of Qi, which produces 3D wood puzzles.

“We were very happy when the power was restored and the noise of the machines returned,” says Robert Milev, a young chief engineer.

The Uighurs, located in the middle of the rubble in the village of Korenka, still bears the scars of the Russian route after the invasion of Ukraine in late February: broken windows are in the process of being replaced.

On May 18, following the withdrawal of Russian troops, the crew put on their Smocks again, after which production resumed at full speed, creating laser-cut models assembled on birch, alder and poplar.

“Before the war, the tree came from Belarus, but now we buy it mainly in Ukraine,” says CEO Oleksi Lisiani with a smile.

According to the International Labor Organization, he has not laid off anyone since the invasion began on February 24, losing nearly five million jobs in the country.

In contrast, a charity fund launched for Ukraine has already raised ,000 800,000 and makes progress possible.

Fortunately no staff were injured or killed in this area destroyed by missiles as they tried to advance towards the Moscow capital Q. A storage center filled with game boxes was lost.

Henceforth, for every purchase made on the Internet, the company, founded in 2014, pays five euros for war effort and many loyal customers have made donations in 85 countries across five continents.

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“People are surprised when we say we deliver to China, because in general, we are the ones who buy from this country,” Mr. smiles. Liziani.

Floating on the roofs, displayed on the walls, the national flag is spread everywhere and Irina Denisiok, 33, who is in charge of the packaging chain, says, “I am very proud to be involved in this Ukrainian production during the Ukrainian war.”

– Nothing is lost –

Here, patriotism takes a playful turn: it is a question of occupying people with a hundred kinds of puzzles.

Adult toys, in fact: they are for adults over the age of fourteen.

“However, I test them myself with my children, which allows me to spend time with family, while many young people are stuck on laptops,” says the CEO under the sound of a hammer protecting the brick floor.

Prior to the war, more than 100,000 models were excluded from production lines each month.

“Simple things take ten minutes to complete, but it takes at least twelve hours to build an engine with 450 parts,” explains Oleksi Lisiani.

Glue was not used, especially since many tools have a mechanical structure to move them forward.

The boxes have a very modern design in the image of intricate computer design, which contradicts the tradition of handmade wooden toys, still alive in Ukraine.

The economic crisis is forcing, nothing is lost: production-related waste is sold to the company that uses it as fuel, and laser cutting plates are made entirely of natural materials.

The models are carefully checked so that they never disappoint the customers who spend their free time frequently.

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They are always asking for innovations and Robert Mylev already has many new models in mind. It can provide something to escape in these difficult times.