April 1, 2023

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Instability in Tunisia: Weak strength of the opposition

“People like what you do not like” The protesters called on President Q. They shouted at Syed “Respect for the Constitution and the Return to Democracy”. Carrying banners “We will win” (“We will win”) or “We are united and not divided” (“We are united, not divided”), Between 2,000 and 3,000 protesters gathered in front of the Municipal Theater on Borguia Avenue, Tunis’ main artery.AFP, Condemn the president’s “conspiracy.” On Sunday, the crowd was lower than expected, while the National Salvation Front, formed on April 26 around senior leftist Ahmed Najib Seppi, sought new support for the anti-Syed camp. It was carried out for months by the Ennahta and Citizens Movement, inspired by Islamists, against the coup of legal expert Jahowar Ben Mbarek. Last fall, these organizations rallied 6 or 7,000 protesters.

After a months-long political stalemate, the government suspended the proceedings of Parliament on July 25. Syed assumed full powers. Since then, even though he has formed a government, he still rules the country by decree. In a new move at the end of March, he dissolved parliament and transformed the structure of the High Council of the Judiciary and the IC Electoral Commission.

Under the pressure of his enemies to condemn “A plot” And the international community, concerned about a dictatorial slide, announced a roadmap for the July 25 referendum on the constitution and the December 17 legislative elections, along with the “RoboCop”.

In addition to the political stalemate, Tunisia is mired in a severe economic crisis due to sluggish growth, high unemployment, rising inflation caused by the war in Ukraine and excessive debt forced to ask the IMF for new debt.

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