April 1, 2023

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Integrated Security System in the Middle East: The American Idea Advances…

US President Joe Biden, who visited Saudi Arabia earlier this month, held a summit with nine Arab leaders following his visit to occupied Palestine. But he left without showing Arab support for the regional security axis.

A US administration official added, speaking on condition of anonymity“It is currently an idea, without a framework for action. However, it is important that the President raises the issue of better coordination of air and missile defense in the region. » Americans believe, he added, “There is a promising basis here for an air missile defense system that relies more on a communications network and can be more integrated, especially in light of the growing threat of Iranian ballistic missiles.”.

The Wall Street Journal America said It will work with Israel and Arab countries to coordinate air defenses to counter Iranian threats. As part of legislation proposed by both American parties, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

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