May 30, 2023

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International Light Day

International Day of Light is celebrated by UNESCO on May 16 every year to commemorate the anniversary of the first successful laser surgery by Theodor Maiman in 1960. Many creative and civic challenges, such as the #illelumiere challenge, celebrate the phenomenon of light at the confluence of water or natural spaces.

Without it, our planet would just be a dry and cold place. Conversely, where there is light, life abounds. But light means more to humanity. Light goes hand in hand with knowledge; It provides us with a prism through which we can see and understand the world.

International Day of Light is celebrated by UNESCO every year in the week of 16th May. Audrey Azoulay quotes a line from Iphigenia in the Greek myth “Iphigenia in Aulis,” “Do not take my life for granted, for it is sweet to see the light.” She begged her father Agamemnon not to obey the oracle of Artemis and sacrifice her. Because, for Iphigénie, all reason to cling to the world is the light. There is no value in the sweetness of thinking about.Light symbolizes life, a symbol that transcends all other elements.

Audrey Azoulay pointed out that the world presents itself to our eyes thanks to light, and because of its importance, the concern with light is deeply rooted in all civilizations.

Additionally, light and the manipulation of light are central elements of the visual arts, art, literature, and human thought. The meaning and symbolism of light is common in works of art, philosophy, and the humanities, and the concept of light continues to evolve with the deepening of human scientific knowledge.

Theodore Maiman was the inventor of the laser

On May 16, 1960, physicist and engineer Theodore Maiman successfully produced a laser for the first time, embodying the change that light brought to human society. Science has mastered the understanding and application of the natural phenomenon of light, which plays an important role in all scientific applications.

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UNESCO designated May 16 as the International Day of Light in 2017 to promote the role of light in science, culture and the arts, education and sustainable development, as well as medicine, communication and field applications.