May 29, 2023

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Iranian drones over Ukraine: EU considers new sanctions against Tehran


European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen said on Friday that the European Union and its partners may take new sanctions against Iran, accused of supplying drones used by Russia against Ukraine.

Kiev and its Western backers have accused Russia of using Iranian-made drones to carry out attacks in Ukraine in recent weeks.

“We are coordinating with our partners and allies to take new sanctions against Iran in response to the proliferation of Iranian drones,” Ursula van der Leyen announced during an annual security conference organized in Bahrain, a small Gulf kingdom located near Iran. the beach

Britain, Canada and the European Union (EU) have already imposed sanctions on Iranian officials and arms companies, supplying Russia with drones and cracking down on anti-Islamic protests in the republic.

The head of the European Commission considered Iran to be “undermining the fundamental rules and principles of the world order” along with Russia.

In early November, Iran admitted supplying drones to Russia, but insisted the deliveries took place before the attack in Ukraine.

“Many Gulf countries have been warning for years about the risk of Iran supplying drones to rogue states,” said Ursula van der Leyen.

According to him, the EU “took too long to understand a very simple fact”: the need to confront “other types of weapons proliferation, from drones to ballistic missiles”, in addition to international efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring Atomic bomb.

He added that the proliferation “poses a security risk not only to the Middle East, but to all of us.”

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Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states accuse Iran of supporting and arming armed movements in the Middle East, from Houthi rebels in Yemen to Hezbollah in Lebanon.